About Us

Oxford Mutual Aid formed in response to the Covid-19 crisis. We are a grassroots community support group and action network. Our team have significant experience working with at-risk communities and have long standing relationships with local charities and food banks.

This crisis has overwhelmed local infrastructure. As charities and social services scale down their operations, we are focusing on seeking out all those vulnerable people who are struggling to access support.

Our Core Volunteers include healthcare professionals, teachers, trade union organisers, local business people, and crisis hotline operators. Together, we have extensive experience across a broad range of areas. We are working with Oxford City Council, the NHS, the Gatehouse, SOFEA, Asylum Welcome, Ark-T, Refugee Resource, the Oxford Homeless Project, Oxford Together, Good Food Oxford, and many other organisations.

What We Do

This is a unique crisis, and while we need to be adaptable as possible, we are currently focusing on three main areas:

  • Supporting vulnerable people referred to us by social services and charities
  • Seeking out those who have fallen through the cracks of existing aid efforts
  • Supporting the NHS, key workers, and local aid organisations

You can see a detailed breakdown of our operations here. So far our work includes:

  • Handling over 50 requests for help a day
  • Supporting 14 expectant and new mothers
  • Regularly supplying 117 vulnerable households with food
  • Delivering over 2000 meals to NHS and key workers


Oxford Mutual Aid has an Oversight Committee of seven, consisting of Carolyn Hicks, Marie Jones, Nabila Qureshi, Muireann Meehan Speed, Jess Knight, Luke Brewer, and Marianne Tambini.

We are incorporated as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. Our company number is 12842725.


We are a voluntary organisation, funded by donations and grants. The Social Change Agency acts as our fiscal host, which allows us to accept donations and approve expenses on the Open Collective platform.

We have a strict expenses policy, and all money donated to Oxford Mutual Aid will be spent on purchasing and distributing aid to those who need it. Unless otherwise specified, we solicit all donations for use as general funds, to be spent in accordance with our expenses policy.

Our finances are wholly transparent, and any member of the public can review our expenses here. When and if Oxford Mutual Aid decides to disband, our constitution requires us to donate any remaining funds to local charities.

What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual aid is about solidarity, not charity. Oxford Mutual Aid grew from a network of experienced LGBTQ and trade union organisers, together with members of local community support groups and various left-wing organisations. We will work with anyone and are happy to share our expertise and resources.

This is a frightening time, but no one needs to face it alone. Whoever you are, you are part of this community. Together, we will get through this.