Help and Support for Unpaid Carers

Help and Support for Unpaid Carers

Recognising your role as a carer is an important step towards ensuring you get the right help and support.

What is a carer?

If you provide regular unpaid help and support to a partner, relative or friend who’s struggling to cope alone, then you’re a carer.

What do I need to know?

Carers assessment. All carers are entitled to a free carer’s assessment of their needs it looks at how caring affects your life, including your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Looking after yourself It can be difficult to find time for yourself, but your own health and wellbeing are just as important.

Your rights. Carers are protected by certain rights around caring and in the workplace that can help keep a balance between caring and life.

Looking into financial support can help. Being a carer can also bring particular financial pressures.

Action for Carers Oxfordshire can help you find the information, advice and support you need.

How we can help?

We offer a range of resources and support for unpaid carers. These include:

  • Speaking with one of our experts, who offer personal support in looking after your needs as a carer.
  • Volunteers who can offer to help you in the community.
  • Regular newsletter ‘Care Matters’ and info mails which offer news and articles specific to carers.
  • Support in planning for the unexpected.
  • Access to specially designed free workshops/courses that give practical and emotional support for carers and ex-carers.
  • Free activities and events.
  • Free access to a wide range of digital tools and essential resources that may help make a caring situation easier.
  • Peer support through talking other carers and sharing experiences and information

Contact Us

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You can also visit the Action for Carers website here.