General Educational Resources


Subject: Maths
Resource type: YouTube channel for students – This is a YouTube channel with simple explanatory videos on mathematics from primary to secondary level. 

nRich: Maths at home

Subject: Maths
Resource type: Article for parents – This is an article which helps to explain how parents can get the most out of their children through maths. 

TedEd for Parents

Subject: Miscellaneous
Resource type: Videos for parents – Provides resources on how parents can help their children to use the TedEd online videos, and how they can be tailored to their specific needs. 

Scouts: Indoor Activities

Subject: Learning through play
Resource type: Website for parents and students – Indoor activity ideas, sorted by age group from age 6 – 18. 

Free online websites

Subject: Miscellaneous
Resource type: Website for parents – List of websites that parents can access for free during coronavirus lockdown. 

Tynker Coding – Students

Subject: Coding (yay!)
Resource type: Website for students – Online coding platform for students.

Tynker Coding – Parents

Subject: Coding (double yay!)
Resource type: Website for parents – Help for parents in getting their children into coding.


Subject: Miscellaneous
Resource type: Downloadable worksheets for parents and students – Free access using the code: CVDTWINKLHELPS for children of all ages.


Subject: Miscellaneous
Resource type: Online activity bank for parents and students – Online worksheets for children of all ages. Can be grouped by subject and age group for ease. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

BBC Bitesize

Subject: Miscellaneous
Resource type: Online learning platform for parents and students – God tier online learning hub. Useful from primary through to A-Level education. Will be hosting lessons online, as well as the usual resources. For more information see: How Bitesize will support you while you’re learning from home.

British Museum

Subjects: History
Resource type: Interactive museum for students – Online exhibits of the British Museum, including virtual tours and other activities. 

Google arts and culture

Subject: Art and Culture
Resource type: Online learning platform for students – Online learning platform in which students can learn more about a wide range of buildings, art works and exhibits. Includes quizzes and acitivities. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.