This is an expanding list of resources for people in the Oxford area during the Covid-19 crisis. Please visit Oxford Covid-19 Mutual Aid for the latest news. If you have suggestions for additions to this list, please post there or email

Protocols For Support Work

Learn how to support vulnerable people safely.

Staying Safe During Lockdown

How to look after yourself and where to find support during lockdown and self-isolation, including domestic violence help and support services.

Medical Care

Where to find medical care and advice during the COVID-19 crisis. Please do not avoid seeking medical help if you are unwell, but do read the latest advice from GP Surgeries and Hospitals.

Educational Resources

A list of educational resources organised in key stage groupings.

NHS & Government News & Advice

Latest government advice as well as NHS news and policy guidance from local hospitals and commissioning bodies.

General Resources, Food & Supplies

Information including the locations and opening hours of supermarkets, independent food stores, and halal butchers.

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Resources

Oxford Mutual Aid has compiled resources on police brutality and antiracist education in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatterUK. Please share widely and send any suggestions way.

Latest News From The Oxford Mutual Aid Twitter Feed

Latest news and updates from the Oxford Mutual Aid Twitter feed.