OMA General Meeting

Oxford Mutual Aid’s General Meeting is currently on the 2nd of every month at 6pm.

This is an opportunity for everyone who is a part of OMA’s community to come together to discuss how OMA operates, to discuss changes in the future, give and recieve feedback and learn from each other. The General Meeting is also a great way to find out how you can get more involved and support our work. By coming to meetings and participating, everyone can be involved in decision-making at OMA.

People who currently, or have at any time in the past recieved a parcel through OMA are encouraged to come. People who currently, or at any time in the past have volunteered with OMA are also encouraged to come. At least one staff member is always present to chair the meeting and members of our Board of Directors (oversight) often attend.

Our next general meeting is on Friday 2nd of June, at 6-7pm

We use a recurring zoom link for this meeting:

Meeting ID: 890 8029 1990
Passcode: 82846151

The full agenda for the General Meeting can be found here and will be updated a week before:

The minutes from our last General Meeting (in May) can be found here:

If you would like to raise anything ahead of the meeting, to be taken into account or to be added to the agenda to be discussed, please email us at

In Solidarity,