Call for new directors

Oxford Mutual Aid is looking for new directors to join the board!

About the role

There are up to 7 directors of Oxford Mutual Aid (OMA), with a minimum of 3, who are appointed by OMA’s members. These are voluntary roles. OMA is a company limited by guarantee, with an asset lock in its articles, making it a non-profit. Its directors are legally responsible for employing staff, for finances and overall management, as well as for policy and strategic development of the organisation. There will be monthly board meetings where staff can bring issues for support, guidance, and collective decision making. Additional work consists of supporting staff with issues that arise between meetings.

To support the organisation we are looking for experienced members of our community and the wider public to join our board of directors. We are particularly keen to recruit members of the local community in Oxfordshire who have one or more of the following skills:

  • Organisational strategy
  • Human resources
  • Legal expertise
  • Fundraising 
  • Finance

Above all, we welcome the involvement of volunteers, recipients and supporters as Directors.

To apply, please fill in this form.