News 22.01.23

It has been a busy week, as always! This week we continued to support nearly 200 households with regular parcel deliveries. We also packed and delivered over 80 emergency parcels to households across the city, as well as continuing to both receive and share surplus with all our partner organisations and friends! We are now regularly receiving between 20 and 30 requests for emergency support every day that our phone lines are open.

If you find yourself struggling to meet your food needs and preferences, please do not hesitate to get in touch via call or text on 07310160595, any day except Tuesdays and Saturdays, 10am to 4pm. We will never ask you to prove your level of need, or to explain why you need support.

Here is our updated signposting information for the new year!

Social Action Fair

This week, a group of OMA members went to the Social Action Fair, a partnership event between the Oxford Hub and the Oxford SU which gathered together many Oxford-based organisations working for social and political justice. We spoke to students about OMA’s work and how to get involved, as well as linking up with other organisations working on related projects. If you are a regular volunteer and interested in representing OMA at similar events in the future, get in touch with one of the coordinators!

Check out our gorgeous new banner, at its first outing!

A table with some packaged food items, washing up liquid, and posters about volunteering at OMA

Upcoming webinars from the Independent Food Aid Network UK

IFAN is planning two joint webinars with Feeding Britain and the University of York as part of their joint Structural Inequalities webinar series. Their focus will be on structural inequalities, food insecurity and benefit sanctions and deductions and increasing in-work poverty. You can book your free place below:

2nd February, 11am: ‘State sanctioned hunger’: Sanctions, deductions, and rising food insecurity

23rd February, 11am: ‘A route out of poverty’: The effect of low wages and insecure work on food insecurity

News from the Campaign to Keep Campsfield Closed

The Campaign to Keep Campsfield Closed is a campaign against the reopening of Campsfield Immigration Detention Centre in Kidlington. We stand in solidarity with the campaign and are sharing their new petition!

Feel free to sign and share!

Citizen’s Advice is looking for your feedback

Have you ever received support from OMA or a food bank? Are you a member of a larder or have been to a community Fridge? 

If so, Citizen’s Advice Oxford would like you to fill out a survey to discuss you experiences. They are trying to raise funds to provide a new advice service in the various food support services around Oxford, including Oxford Mutual Aid*

To take the survey, click here

It’s anonymous and none of your personal details will be stored.


Every week, we share some feedback that we have received from people we support. As always, we would like to underscore that we do not expect gratitude – unfortunately, OMA is working to provide a form of food support that is necessary both to everyday survival and everyday enjoyment.

I came downstairs to a wonderful bounty! Thanks so much. Us 4 (me, two cats, and rascal kitten) will eat like Kings all weekend. Much appreciated.

Your stellar work is amazing and makes a real difference to my life

My food parcel was very appreciated. Such good service and great staff, so helpful. Thank you very much OMA.